“Souleiado" is a French term describing the glorious rays of sunshine streaming through the clouds... and a name Harry Valentine Perry selected as a passionate, creative and earthy term, which describes his new sourdough bakery business.

Harry Valentine Perry grew up on an organic vineyard in Rutherglen, Victoria, with parents who have owned and operated sourdough bakeries in North East Victoria for the past 23 years. A passion and appreciation of fine food and wine and annual family holidays touring the food and wine regions of Europe were a solid foundation for a sourdough bakery.

After moving away for a number of years for university and work Harry eventually moved back to North Eastern Victoria and was destined to continue the tradition and passion his parents had shown by opening "Souleiado Sourdough" in the beautiful country town of Yarrawonga, Victoria.


+ Freshly baked 7 days a week
+ Baked traditionally on the sole of the oven
+ Contain NO Preservatives, NO Sugar, NO Animal Fats

Ciabatta: an Italian styled slipper loaf.
Garlic & Rosemary Ciabatta: an addition of fresh roasted garlic and fresh rosemary to the loaf.
Passion Loaf: a dense organic white sourdough loaf, styled after the country loaves of provincial France.
Cheese & Olive Passion: sliced black olives and tasty cheese blended through the traditional French Passion Loaf.
Grilled Onion, Cheese & Poppy seed Passion: a savory treat of grilled onion, cheese and poppy seeds blended through the traditional French Passion Loaf.
Pumpkin & Papita Passion: it looks good and tastes even better. The golden natural colour of pumpkin and nutty taste of the Papita.
Miteux: “the seedy sourdough loaf” – stone-ground wholemeal with loads of seeds and grains. Superb crust with a chewy moist flesh.
Wholemeal/Rye and Sunflower Seed: an earthy, wholesome and seedy loaf.
European Rye Loaf: traditional German style loaf with the delicate rye tang.
French Loaf: a light and crusty white sourdough.
Baguette: crusty French style with firm crust baked on the sole of the oven.
Vine Fruit, Grain & Rosemary: a dense sourdough grain with sultanas, currents, apricots and fresh rosemary.


Souleiado Sourdough
39 Belmore St, Yarrawonga
Open 7 Days
PH: (03) 5744 3587